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Graphic Design

Challenge #1

Create a color palette that communicates a clean, earthy, and professional look and feel.

Challenge #2

Design a website to integrate available pets, donations, volunteers, and events and create a positive user experience.

Challenge #3

Create and manage print and digital communication channels including social media, email, and direct mail.

Challenge #4
Graphic Design

Design educational and informational brochures, handouts, fundraising content, graphics, and infographics.

Challenge #5

Lead the decision-making for the organization’s technology stack; install and/or implement; train staff as needed.

Solution #1 – Branding

After researching over two dozen top animal rescue organizations and taking into consideration that the brand palette will be integrated into the interior design of the new adoption center, the final palette was selected to complement the black and sunflower logo. Accent and background colors included Bermuda blue, sunflower yellow, sage, cranberry, navy, and ebony blue. Black and white imagery was selected to allow the primary and secondary colors to prevail.

Solution #2 – Website/UX/UI

During the first 3 years of the organization’s existence, the teams did not have a way to integrate available pets onto the website for adoptive families to view. The launch of this website was intended to integrate a shelter manager platform so that pet bios were updated in real time. The site also needed a clear and easy way for donors and volunteers to access information and tools. Understanding from analytics that over 75% of the site’s visitors view the site from their mobile device, having a responsive site was critical. My work included

  • Determining the information architecture
  • Implementing Google Analytics
  • Optimizing pages for SEO
  • Managing SEO and Google Analytics
  • Integrating third-party apps and software, specifically platforms for donor management, shelter management, email/newsletter, and volunteer management
  • Installing an event calendar
  • Creating content for the website
  • Creating microcopy for forms and relevant areas of the website
  • Creating custom icons
  • Editing photography and illustrations
  • Custom-coding the CSS
  • Determining the user journey for volunteers to sign up and enabling a liability and waiver document to be created and signed digitally
  • Determining the user journey for adoptive families to view available pets
  • Determining the user journey for sponsors to learn about the sponsorship programs, deliverables and enable a sign-up process that they could complete at their convenience

Solution #3 – Communications

Providing organizational updates and announcements is critical to communicating with an organization’s support base. In this role, my work includes:

  • Setting up social media channels
  • Designing newsletter formats
  • Creating content
  • Preparing graphics
  • Preparing/managing call-to-action landing pages and links
  • Preparing A/B testing
  • Analyzing metrics
  • Writing press releases
  • Preparing content and graphics for social media, direct mail, in-person handouts, event signage, brochures, forms, educational documents, and organizational forms
  • Creating, managing, and updating the organization’s profiles with Guidestar, Great Nonprofits, Petfinder, Amazon Smile, Cyber Grants, and many others
  • Launching and managing fundraising campaigns for photo contests, online auctions, t-shirt fundraisers, and other fundraising campaigns.

Solution #4 – Graphic Design

In this role, my work includes:

  • Designing and creating all brochures, handouts, social media graphics, downloadable forms, and infographics for both print and web
  • Creating and developing the capital campaign messaging, sponsor packages, membership program, and other capital campaign marketing assets
  • Designing t-shirt graphics
  • Designing wall calendar and weekly planner

Solution #5 – Technology

Having been involved with the organization from the opening of its doors, I had first-hand understanding of the challenges and growing pains that the nonprofit experienced. First and foremost was enabling a way for donors to provide donations by credit card that was secure and easy to use. My role also included:

  • Researching potential technology
  • Balancing technology needs with income
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Implementing and setting up selected vendors
  • Managing and updating data
  • Managing expenses
  • Integrating APIs
  • Creating video tutorials for the staff
  • Learning platforms in order to train the staff

Project Summary



Project Included

  • Branding
  • Brand Palette
  • Creative Writing
  • Web Design
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO Optimization
  • Graphic Design
  • Creative Writing
  • Photo editing
  • UX/UI Design
  • Fundraising


  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • NetworkForGood
  • Kindful
  • Quickbooks Online
  • ShelterLuv
  • HelperHelper
  • MailChimp